Wise Makes Alex’s Car Commercial Shooting Better and Easier


Alexandros Karpas is a director and editor, known for Lurking Near (2017) and Volta sthn Aridaia (2015). His creates documentary, cinematic and commercial videos. He is also a famous photographer holding more than 100k followers on his Instagram account, and a co-founder of one of the biggest unbox YouTube channel “Unboxholics”. The channel provides thousands of first-hand reviews about games, video and computer accessories from leading global manufacturers.

“Wise’s cards made our work better and easier.”



Memory Cards

Wise CFast 2.0


Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro

Camera Setup

4.6K RAW

Today, director Alexandros received a request from a well-known car manufacturer NISSAN shooting a short commercial video. Devoted to uncompromising video quality, RAW shooting always is his first priority. “The size of the video files on commercial videos is huge because we shoot RAW. Wise’s cards helped us a lot with its 512GB storage,” said Alex. In the video, Alex used mysterious fog and light to create a cinematic scene, introducing the car’s features in detail.

In the past, he may be concerned about the file size and time left during the capacity-consume RAW shooting. However, the 512GB Wise CFast cards made everything simple and allowed Alex to focus solely on creating his valuable content. “The cards were reliable, with enough storage, making us feel safe about shooting in RAW format, essentially giving us the opportunity to take more shots, not caring about the size of the files. At the end of the day, Wise’s cards made our work better and easier.”

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