Multi-Award Winning Canon Ambassador Thorsten Milse Captures Brazilian Wildlife with CFexpress Cards

Professional Photographer & Videographer

Canon Ambassador Thorsten Milse is one of the most sought-after nature photographers in the world, with a track record to back up his popularity.

Thorsten was born in 1965 in Bielefeld in Germany and had an interest in photography from the age of 3. At 13 he bought his first camera – a Yashica FR1 – with the money he received following his confirmation. He went on to become an electronic technician and a graphic designer, before choosing to pursue his passion and become a professional photographer. Establishing a reputation in the competitive field of wildlife photography takes years. Although, after starting out, he was fortunate enough to sell some articles to smaller magazines, Thorsten was wise to realize that he couldn't rely on wildlife photography alone to put food on the table. He supplemented his income by photographing models and buildings for advertising agencies, as well as undertaking commissions from health spa companies. During this time, he built an extensive portfolio of nature images and approached agencies that specialized in wildlife. In 1999 he got his first contract from the well-established German agency, Okapia, followed by a contract with Mauritius Images.

About four years later, Thorsten began to travel the world to photograph polar bear cubs. The captivating moments he shot caught the eye of major publications: Germany's GEO magazine initially picked up the story, followed by BBC Wildlife magazine in the UK and Nature's Best Photography in the US. The pictures went on to attract a number of high-profile awards, including Best Reportage Photographer from Danish magazine Illustreret Videnskab (Illustrated Science). A compilation of Thorsten's memorable images taken in Canada's Wapusk National Park subsequently formed the basis of a book, Little Polar Bears, which was published in 2006.

Today, Thorsten is recognized as one of the leading wildlife and nature photographers in the world. He has a particular interest in conservation and has worked on countless projects capturing the unusual, the rare and the fascinating.

Thorsten has photographed big cats across the globe, kangaroos and koalas in Australia and the unique wildlife of the Arctic and Antarctic. He has also collaborated with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on various projects, including tiger protection, snow leopard conservation and WWF's Arctic Programme. At the same time as pursuing his photography, Thorsten also works on 4K film productions, which have seen him document the Amazon rainforest and the coastline of South America.

His work has been published in over 25 countries and won numerous awards, including a prize in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition 2005 and the Grand Prize in Nature's Best Photo competition in the same year. He has exhibited worldwide, including at the Smithsonian in Washington, Moscow's GUM on Red Square, various French and German photography festivals and in eight German cities with the Polar World exhibition. In 2014, Thorsten, in collaboration with WWF, took over central Hamburg for an open-air exhibition called Facing The Storm, highlighting the threat of global warming.

Recently, Thorsten has started to work more with moving images and uses them in his campaigning work with WWF and in his commercial work. The latter has seen him developing and executing concepts and designs for advertising campaigns using photography and 4K film in the Amazon jungle, Madagascar, coastline of South America, the Alps and Africa for clients such as Toshiba, Sachtler and Canon.

He lectures and runs workshops worldwide and is an official Ambassador for the Sachtler/Vitec Group, f-stop and Peli Products, as well as working on Adobe's advocacy program for more than 12 years. (Credit: Canon Europe)

“The cards from Wise Advanced have proven themselves in the very humid and hot climate.”




Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II

Canon EOS C200

Canon EOS R

Video Codecs

5.5K RAW 50.00p (12-bit)

As the last destination of forthcoming coffee-table book with endangered species and unique ecosystems, Thorsten headed to the world’s biggest tropical wetland and UNESCO World Heritage Nature Site – Pantanal. With high humidity, scorching temperatures up to 40°C and tropical rainstorms, the wetlands presented a plethora of challenges for the wildlife photographer.

Most Pantanal floodplains are submerged during the rainy seasons. Photographers hoping for a chance to capture rare animal species must face harsh conditions with able equipment to support their quest.  Home to hundreds of rare mammalian, bird, reptile, amphibian and fish species, with the rarest residents among them such as the Jaguar, Ocelot, Giant River Otter, Marsh Deer and the Hyazinth Macaw, photographers must have patience and luck.  “Life is full of unrepeatable moments. When conditions are tough, the EOS-1D X Mark III lets you capture winning images before the competition,” says Thorsten.

Thanks to the evolution of the EOS-1D series, Thorsten can take advantage of its fast autofocus capabilities and 12-bit internal RAW movie when shooting fast-moving wildlife. “The new Canon SLR camera EOS-1D X Mark III camera has two CFexpress card slots. You have a very fast burst rate and can continue to shoot several hundred RAW photos, which is possible only with the most modern technology! Also you can film long 5.5K RAW movies in the highest quality without missing a scene.” However, powerful equipment doesn’t mean a smooth production. Accidents do happen, especially during challenging shooting environments. But that doesn’t mean data loss. “The cards from Wise Advanced have proven themselves in the very humid and hot climate. Even when the card accidentally fell into the sand when changed, it worked perfectly after a short blow! This is very important for me in extreme climatic conditions – that you know that your production is stored safely!”

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