Bryan Gateb Tests Wise Cards for Upcoming Magazine Cover & Editorial Shoot

Fashion and Portrait Photographer

Bryan Gateb strives to bring independent and honest reviews and photographic content about high-end equipment for which there is limited information. His motivation for producing the content in the blog was based on the fact that he has owned and purchased, rented, or otherwise used a lot of high-end professional gear. The problem was, that during his research on this high-end (and usually very expensive) gear, he found next to no reviews or independent information on them! So, he started The Broketographers as a personal project that eventually became relevant enough to continue on with. His goal is to deliver unbiased, unfiltered independent information on gear that he owns or have used, mostly in the high-end market to aid others that may have been in his situation, only to come up short on information about some of these products.

“The cards were reliable in an all-day shoot for our project.”




Hasselblad H6D-50c

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II

Nikon D810

Camera Setup

MJPEG, H.264

Acting as a fashion and portrait photographer, Bryan recently wrapped up an editorial shooting project for VAPE News Magazine. He chose Hasselblad H6D-50c as his main camera paired with Wise cards to capture every stunning detail of the fashion models. “The cards were reliable in an all-day shoot for our project. Previously, with other brand CFast cards in the Hasselblad, it would cause the back to hang during startup, and would require the battery to be removed, and started up again, inserting the CFast card after it had started up successfully. During our shoot, I did not experience this with the Wise cards,” mentioned Bryan. Officially certified by Hasselblad, the stability of Wise cards allowed Bryan to easily accomplish the magazine shoot project without any issues.

Besides the cards, the Wise card reader also played an important role of safe data transfer. “The card reader is nice as it has aluminum housing. I also appreciate the “write lock” directly on the card reader to prevent accidental data loss,” said Bryan.

“In short, Wise makes a good product — the cards perform well, as evidenced by the benchmarks compared to the other cards we own. We used these cards on an all-day shoot without any issue.”

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