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Wise Advanced has been a local manufacturer for storage products since 1992. From designing, manufacturing to post-sales services,
we maintain long-term relationships with leading local supply chain partners to guarantee our quality.

Our mission is to help creators tell their stories with smarter tools, and provide friendly knowledgeable support to the creative community.

Your valuable content supported by our products — is a wise choice.

“We are still your friendly neighborhood mom and pop memory supplier.”



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Our story starts in 1992 in a small living room in Taipei. Alice had made her first wise choice – to quit her job – and with two of her friends, Wise Advanced was born.

During the 90's, the computer industry was booming in Taiwan with the annual COMPUTEX exhibition drawing a multitude of global companies in search of reliable suppliers for the gold rush. Wise Advanced capitalized on this opportunity and got our first order – to provide OEM accessories for LaCie. Eventually, our clients expanded to IBM, Iomega, Acer, etc.

Six years later, Alice’s husband, Frank joined the company as product manager to diversify the family business. However, inconsistencies in the manufacturing process caused delays in new product development.

In 2000, a golden opportunity appeared when Sony decided to move their VHS recorder plants out of Taiwan and into Malaysia. Another wise decision was made and Wise Advanced became partners with the factory. Equipped with Sony-trained staff and top-of-the-line machines, this laid the foundation for producing future Wise products.

As the computer storage market became more competitive, the company had to pivot and shifted the focus to camera-specific storage.

In 2008, the first signature product – Wise CFR external storage drive for professional camcorders – was released. At the time, it was considered the next generation recording solution compared to video tapes, reducing backup time from hours to minutes.

The next year, the CFR external drive was upgraded to be able to use removable media, CompactFlash (CF) memory cards. The CF cards quickly replaced the original built-in traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) as a faster and more flexible option. This transformation became a jumping board to a whole new category of products for Wise Advanced – removable storage media, which is still evolving till today.

With a strong selection of products gaining official approvals, close relationships with leading camera manufacturers and its ambassadors, and partnerships with distributors and camera dealers around the world, we are still your friendly neighborhood mom and pop memory supplier. In everything we do, we strive to help creators tell their best stories possible, invisibly.


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