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The Solid State Drive for 6K Video Production

Unlike general solid state drives for personal computers (PC), Wise Portable SSDs are especially designed for the challenging demands of the video industry. It is developed to be not only fast, but also steady and compatible with a wide range of 4K to 6K professional cameras.

Especially for video production

Wise Portable & CINEMA SSDs are built for video shooting with both extremely smooth data streaming and fast recording speed for 4K RAW.

Speeds of up to 550 MB/s read and 520 MB/s write

The high-speed performance of the SSD pushes the SATA interface to the limit. The sustained write speed of up to 520 GB/s optimizes your 4K video productions. With an industry-leading read speed of up to 550 MB/s, you are able to transfer large RAW files in a flash.

Ultimate durability

Wise Advanced Portable & CINEMA SSDs are water-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof, X-ray proof, and can be operated in temperatures ranging from 32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C).


A removable extra storage space that you can carry everywhere and transfer via high speed cable through USB-C port.

Wise Portable SSDs are designed for RAW recording, and are listed on the Blackmagic Design site in the list of recommended USB-C drives, supporting up to 12K DCI Blackmagic RAW 8:1 at 30 fps and 6K RAW 5:1 up to 50 fps (1TB and 2TB).

Yes, our SSDs come with a special clamp, a hot shoe mount, a strap and a 10 Gbps USB-C to C cable.

Of course, but it may not be cost-efficient since there are many other options with a lower cost.

Yes, but they are not officially recommended yet. For recommended accessories please check HERE.

Maximum Read
Maximum Write
  • PTS-1024
    550 MB/s
    520 MB/s
  • PTS-2048
    550 MB/s
    520 MB/s
Interface USB 3.1 Gen2
Dimensions 102 x 32 x 9 mm
Weight 0.06 lbs / 29 g
Operating Temperature 32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C)
Storage Temperature -13°F to 185°F (-25°C to 85°C)
Warranty 2 year manufacturer warranty

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  1. Up to 550 MB/s read transfer, write speeds lower. Speeds based on internal testing. Actual performance may vary.
  2. Highest transfer speeds achieved only when paired with a SSD reader. 1MB = 1 million bytes.
  3. Some of the listed storage capacity is used for formatting and other purposes and is not available for data storage. 1GB = 1 billion bytes.
  4. For camera compatibility, please check Compatibility Guide.
  5. Product appearance and packaging may vary depending on ship date and available inventory.