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The CompactFlash Association

March 26, 2022

Taipei, Taiwan – Wise Advanced is proud to be an Executive Member of the CompactFlash Association.

About the CFA

The CompactFlash Association focuses on the development of the specifications, compliance testing processes and tools, as well as conduct marketing activities to promote CFA products, technology and associated applications. Today, the CompactFlash Association has approximately 80 member companies involved in the design, development, manufacture or sale of products using CFA specifications and technologies.

About Wise Advanced 

Wise Advanced has been a local manufacturer for storage products since 1992. From designing, manufacturing to post-sales services, we maintain long-term relationships with leading local supply chain partners to guarantee our quality. Our mission is to help creators tell their stories with smarter tools, and provide friendly knowledgeable support to the creative community. Your valuable content supported by our products — is a wise choice.